In a stunning reversal, ESPN has now reinstated ESPN columnist, Bill Simmons in a memo released in the middle of the night, after originally suspending him for three weeks. Simmons was suspended for referring to NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell as a “liar” on his B.S. Podcast.

ESPN President John Skipper no doubt felt pressure to reinstate┬áSimmons after #FreeSimmons was the top trending topic on twitter. Simmons’ fans spoke about boycotting ESPN while Simmons is suspended. Many fans spoke about the original Ray Rice suspension for two weeks for domestic violence while Simmons was suspended three weeks for free speech.

“We got it wrong,” stated Skipper. “We wanted to get it right and wished he spoke about more appropriate topics like Michael Sam showering. We have asked Mr. Simmons not to condemn Mr. Goodell further as he is a great leader and the NFL makes a lot of money for us, like crazy money. He knows that ESPN and the NFL are in bed together.”

Simmons commented that he is preparing an ESPN 30 for 30 documentary on his suspension.

“What if I told you ESPN suspended its most popular columnist?”