Green Bay native and lifelong Packers fan Bob Wartonson arrived in Chicago on Saturday afternoon with high hopes for his team’s game against the Bears on Sunday. It was Wartonson’s first trip to the Windy City, and while he was impressed with the architecture and breadth of dining options, the avid hunter was alarmed by the lack of dead deer strapped to the roofs of local cars.

“Back up there in Wisconsin, every other car has a 10-point buck on the roof,” said Wartonson. “Or at least a doe and a couple of foxes or something. What the hell do people in Chicago do from Monday to Saturday?”

Wartonson was also dismayed to find that people in Chicago don’t exclusively drive cars painted navy and orange to support their team.

“Talk about a bunch of fair weather fans,” said Wartonson, who drives a Chevy Silverado Green Bay Packers Limited Edition with green base paint and yellow trim. “It’s almost like they have other things in their lives that are more important than their football team. I sure as heck don’t get it.”

On the bright side, Wartonson did express satisfaction with the amount of cheese in the deep dish pizza he had for lunch at Gino’s East.

“I had to add the entire bottle of Parmesan on top, but that there was a nice little appetizer before I head over to the Old Country Buffet for dinner. You guys have those here, right? It’s the finest restaurant in Green Bay, you know.”