What if I told you ESPN suspended its most popular columnist over free speech? This statement could be the opening to the future 30 for 30 film documentary that ESPN columnist Bill Simmons is planning.

Simmons was suspended for three weeks after his comments about NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. In Simmons’ weekly B.S. Report podcast with Cousin Sal [Iacono], Simmons called Goodell a “liar.”

Reached for comment, ESPN President John Skipper stated, “We needed to get it right. We suggested to Simmons that he speak about ESPN-approved topics like Michael Sam’s showering habits or Derek Jeter’s Gatorade commercial.”

“He┬áneeds to realize he can’t say these types of comments about the NFL Commissioner. The NFL makes lots of money for ESPN. I mean, like, crazy money for us. Roger Goodell is a great man and a great leader. Plus he knows that ESPN and the NFL are in bed together.”

“In fairness to Mr. Simmons, we have asked all ESPN personnel, whether in print, social media or on the air, to refrain from discussing the great Mr. Goodell further.”