ESPN’s Outside the Lines is now reporting that the DVD in the Ray Rice case has been received and viewed by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. However, the original DVD sent to the NFL back in April was actually an advanced copy of The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

“Wouldn’t you know it?” said the law enforcement agent. “I double checked and the Ray Rice DVD was in my Spider-Man 2 Blu-Ray sleeve the whole time. I must have sent the wrong one. Man, this is embarrassing.”

Outside the Lines learned from the unnamed female NFL executive, “We were confused why we received the Spider-Man DVD at the NFL office, but we all watched it in the conference room. Roger [Goodell] sat next to me. He burned the popcorn in the microwave too. During the movie he leaned in and whispered to me that he missed Tobey [Maguire].”

“We were so disappointed. We were all groaning during the credits. Roger, who’s a huge Spider-Man fan, was inconsolable. Did anyone buy the chemistry between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone? What was Jamie Foxx thinking? Afterwards I called [the law enforcement agent] and said, ‘You’re right. It’s terrible.'”

When reached for comment by Outside the Lines, and despite the mounting evidence to the contrary, Goodell was adamant that he didn’t see Spider-Man 2.

“We are not aware of anyone in our office who possessed or saw Spider-man 2 before it was made public. We will look into it. If you have any further questions go ask TMZ. They seem to know everything.”