According to the consensus opinion of five friends drinking late Friday night at the Gold Coast staple, The Hangge Uppe, the Chicago Bears have all the pieces to win the Super Bowl this season and will unquestionably do so.

“Look, bro, it’s pretty easy to see. Cutler’s gonna be a better leader, Trestman’s figuring out who he’s got, and the defense is due to bounce back. No doubt. Super Bowl,” stated the case of one imbiber as last call was shouted from the bar. “Can’t forget Alshon too. Made huge steps last year and (burp) is definitely going to go next level this year. We basically got two number ones. Jager bombs? How many?”

The group also agreed Devin Hester would not be missed, the offensive line would continue to improve and the Packers suck.

“Who?!? Who is better than us? The Seahawks?!? Fluke, bro, fluke,” argued another friend as he stumbled backward into a bar stool. “There’s no doubt we’re going to the Super Bowl and there’s no doubt we’re gonna um…we’re gonna [expletive deleted] Peyton Manning up!”

According to one friend, the group hasn’t had such a strong consensus since discussing Kate Upton’s hotness and the Super Bowl chances of the 2013 Chicago Bears.

Andy Metz