Another high-profile sports figure has been caught up in the phone hacking scandal that resulted in leaked photos of Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander and his girlfriend Kate Upton, along with other celebs like Jennifer Lawrence and Lea Michele.

In a surprising twist, the pictures of the NFL Commissioner appear to feature him smoking a joint. While it’s not clear if he was in Colorado or Washington, where the drug is legal, it’s an extremely embarrassing revelation given the harsh penalty the NFL just handed out to Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon, who was suspended a full season for testing positive for marijuana.

“This is a clear violation of my privacy,” Goodell told the assembled media at a press conference. “Hey, you with the Funyuns, can I have a couple?”

Other selfies that were on Goodell’s phone show him waxing his eyebrows, eating a ham sandwich and making it rain at a strip club with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.