With the trade deadline coming close, the Cubs could become buyers this season. However, a blockbuster deal they’re working on may not be legal.

League sources have reported that the Cubs have entertained the idea of trading 2014 All-Star first baseman Anthony Rizzo for wins to put them immediately atop the NL Central.

“Nothing else could put the Cubs into the playoff race quite like victories,” an anonymous league source reported. “However, they seem to be getting too greedy and asking for too many wins.”

Multiple sources reported the Cubs are looking for 30 victories right now and a top ten prospect for the slugging first baseman.

Teams reportedly interested are the Tampa Bay Rays and Texas Rangers, both of whom have struggled this season. Surprisingly AL East front runner Toronto Blues are trying to talk the Cubs down to only 15 wins this year and 15 wins next year.

Bud Selig did not comment saying if it was legal, but a source from his office said the MLB commissioner “doesn’t seem to care anymore to stop anything this year.”

Rizzo — who has been hot after the All-Star break getting his home run total up to 25 — has been rated by Fangraphs to be worth at least 25 wins. The trade would not only exchange Rizzo and the wins, but also trade games the Cubs have lose as well.

“Rizzo could help any team, especially a team who had just lost 20 of their wins,” an anonymous league source said.

Cubs president Theo Epistein had “no idea” of any trade when asked reporters. He also added to “get off of [his] lawn.”


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