World Cup Soccer fans throughout Wisconsin were thrown into a state of total disarray today when it was discovered that Mexico, Brazil and Costa Rica were actually separate countries all competing for the FIFA World Cup trophy. There was further shock and awe throughout the dairy state upon learning that Columbia, Argentina, and Uruguay were also not Mexico.

With limited exposure to the outside world in the Badger state, save for an airport that offers direct flights to Las Vegas, and a two-laner to Illinois, most Wisconsin soccer fans can be forgiven for assuming that Honduras, Ecuador and Spain are all part of “the Mexico,” which according to their textbooks is located somewhere between Iowa and “that place where they done filmed that there March of the Penguins they sure did.”

In a conversation overheard in the small town of Darlington, residents had clearly not gotten over the surprise.

“Oh Geez Becky. Can you believe that there’s all these different countries playing in that there World Cup, yah you betcha.”

“Oh sure Janey, I know and can you believe that in Brazil they don’t even speak Mexican.”

“Yaah Janey. I think they do speak the Portuguese there.”

“Oh but no Becky cause see Portugal is Mexico too, right? I mean they sure confused us up something real good they did darn too…”

“Ya Janey how’s to you that real interesting there. Much more confusing than the ol’ Norris division it sure is.”

Despite the confusion, the great people of Wisconsin have vowed to continue following the World Cup so long as it doesn’t interfere with Summer Fest or Packers OTA’s.