The reality of Sunday night’s game seven loss in the Western Conference finals was sinking in. However, Brandon Saad and Andrew Shaw still were under the impression that a parade would happen.

“It’s definitely tough,” said Saad. “You play the entire year for one goal. To come up short, hurts. We still have the annual parade though. There will be a bit of a sting to it but I’m still looking forward to seeing the sea of red. Last year was crazy and I know it’ll be crazier this year.”

Added Shaw, while brushing back a tear: “Yeah, at least we still have Grant Park.”

Captain Jonathan Toews said he wasn’t sure what was more heartbreaking, the loss or having to tell Saad and Shaw there will be no parade.

“These are the things that go with being the captain,” said Toews. “Yes, it’s extremely difficult. It wasn’t easy in 2011 when I had to break it to Kaner. It broke my heart to tell Shaw. He even thought the Black Keys would be playing.”

“Saad’s another story. I’m not sure if he’s in denial or what. My words didn’t seem to reach him. Repeatedly I showed him pictures of last year’s parade and said, ‘Not this year.’ When I last saw him he was at his locker in the fetal position whispering ‘parade’ to himself.”