The ticket scalping community is up in arms over the bad press the received over the weekend after Edgar I. Kim of Bolingbrook made news for his arrest after selling fake Blackhawks tickets. Numerous other scalpers have come forward to denounce the faux ticket-flipper.

The head of the Scalpers Union, Local 305, spoke on condition of anonymity through a Craigslist posting that led to a meeting in a darkened bar to discuss the recent hardship the union had undergone.

“It’s a real problem for us. We work hard out here to sell good tickets for good prices,” said the union head from behind the black sheet he or she was holding in front of him or her. We’re public servants.”

“We only take a 100 percent markup on average. In New York, for instance, it’s 300 percent. We operate on a system of trust. How are people supposed to trust us now? Ticket sales for Sunday’s Hawks game against LA were down because of this nonsense.”

There is no word on whether or not the Scalpers Union plans on bringing a lawsuit against Kim, but the union did confirm that all certified scalpers have been banned from selling to him.

“He’s persona non-grata with us,” said the union head in a huff. “We won’t even sell him tickets to a Kenny G concert.”