Jonathan Toews. The captain. Captain Serious. Conn Smythe winner. Two-time gold medal winner and two time Stanley Cup champion. He’s been the Chicago Blackhawks captain since 2008. He takes this seriously, very seriously. Now, however, Blackhawks management is concerned he might be taking it too seriously.

“Yes, we are aware. We have spoken to him. It’s not an issue. We as an organization want him to know he doesn’t need to wear the ‘C’ in his personal life,” said Blackhawks President and CEO John McDonough. “If he wants to, that’s okay. We support his fashion decision.”

Teammates started noticing during the first round series that Toews is now wearing a “C” on his dress shirts, polos and the like.

Brent Seabrook thought it was a joke at first as Toews was trying to lighten the locker room after two early losses to St. Louis.

“Hey Tazer, what’s with the shirt? I asked him,” said Seabrook. “Calm as can be, he responded, ‘I’m the captain.’ We all looked at each other. Kaner then shouted maybe he should get the Budweiser logo sewn on his shirts. Then Smitty chimed in, ‘Kaner, you don’t wear any shirts.’ Everyone broke up. Everyone except Tazer. We still aren’t sure if it was for motivation, but hey, we’re back in the Western Conference Finals.”

Longtime Hawks fan Maggie Haus works at Drop and Dry, where Toews brings his dry cleaning.

Haus stated, “Oh yeah we’ve been handling Johnny’s clothes for a few years now. It was right after that second St. Louis loss. He dropped off his stuff and then asked me to sew a ‘C’ on all his shirts. I asked, ‘Why?’ Calm as could be, he said ‘I’m the captain.’ You really have to admire a man that’s so dedicated.”

There was no word if Duncan Keith or Patrick Sharp have started wearing an “A” on their clothes.