On a day that was originally meant for celebration and merriment, the Cubs decided to debase and humiliate Wrigley Field over the course of three excruciating hours on the 100th birthday of Wrigley Field. The home ballpark of the Cubs, which officially opened on April 23, 1914, had to endure three hours of Chicago Cubs baseball on the 100th anniversary of that event in a game that included, in typical Cubs fashion, a five-run ninth inning and eventual embarrassing loss.

In discussing the historic occasion, Cubs owner Tom Ricketts told reporters, “Wrigley Field is a world famous site that has seen a lot of history, most of it with the Cubs on the losing side of things.  While it would have been a nice feel-good story to celebrate Wrigley’s 100th birthday, we felt that we were better off showing off a more accurate representation of those 100 years to go into the 9th inning with a three run lead only to send up three pitchers and come out losing by two. Wrigley Field has endured it’s fair share of shame over the years, so why not on its birthday as well?”

Ricketts went on to say that he hopes Wrigley’s 150th birthday ends up even more embarrassing, though he failed to elaborate on how the Cubs could possibly top yesterday’s effort.

Jeff GoodSmith