As Bulls guard Jimmer Fredette begins his first foray into the NBA playoffs, he has been mentally preparing to carry the team on his shoulders as they face off against the Wizards. The former college superstar has shot an astonishing 100 percent from the free-throw line during his eight games with the Bulls while amassing only seven personal fouls.

“People are going to question where the offense is going to come from. Well, that’s why I’m here,” said Fredette. “How about offensive rebounds? I’ve had one so I’ve proven myself there too.”

The playoff spotlight may shine bright on Fredette, but the 25-year-old sharpshooter is more than ready for the responsibility and the criticism. Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau echoes his floor leader’s confidence.

“Jimmer’s been the catalyst that brought us to the playoffs this season,” said Thibodeau. “He’s a great presence on and off the court, and I don’t believe we’d be here without him. You always worry about dynamic, young guards being a little careless with the basketball at times, but I believe Jimmer’s had just four turnovers since he joined the team.”

Only time will tell how Fredette performs in the playoffs, but if his four points a game are any indication, the “House that Jordan Built” may become Ground Zero for Jimmermania.

Andy Metz