After the St. Louis Blues’ dramatic 3OT victory over the Chicago Blackhawks on Thursday, that one St. Louis Cardinals fan who lives in Chicago has been absolutely insufferable to his coworkers and friends all day.

“He normally is annoying during this part of the year, talking about how the Cardinals play baseball ‘the way it’s supposed to be played’ but he’s been exponentially worse since last night’s come-from-behind hockey game,” said a coworker. “He’s saying things like ‘I guess we just wanted it more’ and other equally condescending remarks.”

The Cardinals fan in question has also been spotted approaching complete strangers while saying things like, “Tough loss for you guys last night, huh?” and, “You have to admit, from an outsiders perspective, that was a pretty great win for the Blues, wasn’t it?”

When reached for comment, an acquaintance of the fan told the media, “I hadn’t really heard him talk about the Blues even once, until they started being mentioned as Cup favorites this year. He’s normally prattling on about how the Cards find ways to win without shelling out major market bucks, but I almost miss those days now that he’s on this hockey kick. Ugh, that guy.┬áHe’s the worst.”

Jeff GoodSmith