With temperatures expected to be at -1 degrees Fahrenheit for their playoff game against the San Francisco 49ers, the Green bay Packers have announced that they will be putting a dome over Lambeau Field this weekend. The move was made after numerous complaints from fans that there simply was no way to guarantee that stadium food would remain warm during the long, treacherous walk from the concourse all the way back to general seating.

Packers General Manager Ted Thompson addressed the situation to the teams loyal, hungry fans.

“We have heard your concerns in between bites,” said Thompson. “And now with the new dome that will go over Lambeau, you can be sure that from here and forever more, your nachos, fried beer nuggets, and Bratwurst Bacon Cheesehead Buffalo Patties will stay warm no matter how cold it gets outside.”

At a cost of $700 million, the new bubble dome will be paid for 100% by the taxpayers. Whereas in other cities stadium renovations have been met with controversy, fans of the Packers voted unanimously in favor of adding the dome immediately, citing the need to keep their hot pockets and cheese curds warm as well as an overwhelming desire to give Lambeau Field a hipper, more edgy modernist look.