Bulls center Joakim Noah was booted from the New Trier High School basketball team locker room following the Trevians’ loss to conference rival Glenbrook South Friday night.

Noah was physically escorted out by New Trier’s six-foot-two center, who mistakenly thought the NBA all-star was the Glenbrook pivot man who burned him for 38 points and 19 rebounds in just 27 minutes of play.

“What do I know? He looked just like the Glenbrook guy,” the NTHS player told the Winnetka Current. “I stopped following the Bulls after Coach Floyd got fired. I was, like, four years old.”

Acting as an ambassador for the Bulls high school community relations program, Noah took it all in stride. “No biggie,” Noah said. “After the Simeon-Morgan Park game last year, Jabari Parker got me in a headlock, gave me a wedgie and tossed me out into a snow bank.”