In the wake of Seattle setting the Guinness Book of World Records for loudest stadium Monday night, Bears officials said fans in attendance for the game against Dallas could be doing some record setting of their own.

“Bears fans are a passionate group,” said team president Ted Phillips. “They don’t like to lose whether it be on the field or in the stands. With it being late in the season, a nationally televised game, and about 12 hours of drinking before kickoff, we feel this could be the perfect time to set this record. It may happen in the first quarter, second quarter, maybe even third quarter, we’re not sure-but if it doesn’t happen by then, it’ll definitely happen in the fourth quarter.”

Emery added, ‘We feel there are other records we could break as well, like the loudest: “Pass the ball!” “Run the ball” “Tackle him!” “Get there Peppers!” “What kinda return was that, Hester?!” “What kinda call was that, Trestman!” “You ever see Trestman’s daughters?” “Fucking Romo!” “That wouldn’t have happened against the ’85 Defense!” “’85 Bears!” and finally “Da Bears.”‘

Brian Farrell