With the struggles of Nikolai Khabibulin, the Blackhawks have made the unprecedented move of leaving the net empty whenever regular goalie Corey Crawford needs a rest.

“The NHL says we have to announce Khabibulin as our starting goalie, but we will have a cardboard cutout of him in net,” said coach Joel Quenneville. “Then when the game starts, the extra skater will pick up the cutout and throw it in our bench.”

Crawford didn’t mince any words.

“The dude sucks,” said Crawford. “What is he, 85 years old? I’d put up with that crybaby Luongo then this relic.”

Khabibulin to his credit is taking the move respectfully.

“They told me to not even show up to the arena,” the embattled Khabibulon said. “They said stay as far away from the arena as possible and I’ll still get paid. What a country!”

Mariotti Jr.