Tom Ricketts announced today that the Cubs will cancel their participation trophies next year. Similar to those given to Little Leaguers, the trophies emphasize “playing, participating in the game, and having fun” rather than winning.

“First of all, with the number of players we had in 2013, the cost of the trophies almost broke us,” said Ricketts. “We can invest that money in other ways, probably awards for vendors who sell the most beer. But most importantly, I think I learned from last year that we won’t really even care about anything at the Major League level for at least another season.”

In a related announcement, the Cubs will change their marketing slogan next year from “Committed” to “Fun, Friends, and Fundamentals.”

“We realize this ad campaign is a stretch since we are not strong in any of those categories,” said Theo. “But Jed and I have pledged to stay friends, regardless of what happens and I think that is what the Cubs should be all about.”

Other slogans that were considered were “Let’s Start Year 1 Again” (actually selected for 2015 slogan), “The Kids Can Play Even if They Are in the Minors,” “Now We’re Ready: Sveum Was The Problem” and “How About 1907 and 1908?”