Ending months of speculation, former NHL standout Jeremy Roenick has decided he will go into the Sega Genesis Hall of Fame as a Chicago Blackhawk. Over the course of 18 seasons, Roenick played for five different teams. However it was his work with the Blackhawks in the popular EA Sports video game “NHL ’94” that he felt stood out as the absolute highpoint of his career.

A tearful Roenick spoke publicly just after getting the call from Sega Genesis Hall of Fame President Sonic the HedgeHog; “All those years, toiling in single-player mode, not knowing if they would be using the off-sides mode, sometimes playing 85 games in a row and getting into 963 fights in one night without missing a shift; it’s just such an honor.”

The one game that stands out most of all was of course in 1997 when Roenick’s Blackhawks took on the Kings in a single-elimination Stanley Cup Final. The Kings, coached by Sue had won the Stanley Cup just three days before, and were considered a heavy favorite. However, Blackhawks Coach Trent pointed out that although the Kings had just won the Stanley Cup, it was against the computer and with no off-sides.

In vintage Roenick fashion, he took control of the game early by knocking a defenseless Wayne Gretzky out of the game and quote “making his head bleed.” A despondent Sue was unable to recover and Coach Trent’s Blackhawks sailed to victory with Roenick leading the charge. After the game when players from the Kings looked to settle the score, they found they were unable to do so as fighting had been removed from the game exactly one year earlier.

Roenick was to be joined in this year’s decorated Sega Genesis Hall of Fame class by Shinobi, the Contra Brothers, Max Thunder and Michael Jordan’s unlicensed likeness from NBA Jam. Meanwhile the Veterans Committee was deliberating over whether or not to allow in Dwarf from Golden Axe in his final year of ballot eligibility.