The failure of Congress to pass a spending bill has ground non-essential government agencies to a halt. As a result, the Chicago Cubs have announced they will be forced to cancel each and every playoff game they were scheduled to play during the postseason.

A Cubs spokesperson released a statement to the media, stating, “We were all thrilled for an opportunity to participate in this year’s playoffs, but unfortunately the situation in Washington has our hands tied, and we will be forced to prematurely begin our off-season. We felt very confident about our chances to take home the World Series this year, but this government shutdown, and this government shutdown alone, is responsible for us having to wait until next year to win it all.”

The Cubs went on to say that, while they are one of the many teams forced to skip the playoffs due to the government shutdown, the privately funded Rays, Indians, Tigers, Athletics, Red Sox, Reds, Pirates, Cardinals, Dodgers, and Braves all have enough outside funding that they will be able to participate. President Barack Obama (D- White Sox) could not be reached for comment.

By Jeff GoodSmith

Jeff GoodSmith