Friends of Kevin Gregg, sponsors of a farewell party for the soon to be dumped Cubs pitcher, were flabbergasted to learn that 95 percent of available tickets were sold within 20 minutes of going on sale.

After surrendering four runs in the ninth inning of a game against the Braves, Gregg lambasted Cubs’ management for moving Pedro Strop into the closer’s role he once occupied.

“So what if I gave up runs to lose the game,” Gregg said in postgame comments. “We’re two teams playing out the string.”

Reminded the Braves clinched a tie for the NL East title by winning the game, Gregg simply said, “Whatever.”

“I’m so joyful the ungrateful lout is leaving that I took the afternoon off just to stand in line to get a ticket,” Jeremy Burling of North Southport Avenue in Lakeview said.

Drinks and food are included in the price of the party ticket. A special raffle will be held with Gregg memorabilia as the prizes, including the pitcher’s signature goggles and several pieces of game-used chewing gum.

Proceeds from the raffle will be put toward a bus ticket for Gregg back to his hometown of Corvallis, Oregon.