Record: 3-3 (1-2 vs. Dodgers, 2-1 vs. Phillies)

The Cubs managed to at least take one out of three from the mighty Dodgers (All-Star Travis Wood’s 3-2 Tuesday decision over fellow All-Star Clayton Kershaw) but the difference in talent between the two teams on the same field was as stark a contrast as we’ve seen all season. The Dodgers, featuring powerful high average hitting, overpowering pitching and crisp defense — and they’re owned by Magic Johnson — look to be in a different baseball galaxy than the Cubs (they of meek hitting, daydreaming on the base paths and circus style fielding).

Yasiel Puig roaming around the field and bases like a bull in a China Shop was so intimidating to Cub players you could see the yellow stain where Darwin Barney peed himself a little bit in game one of the series after Puig simply ran by him.

Friday marked the return of Ryne Sandberg to Chicago as a big league manager. The Cubs celebrated the event by bringing in Bruce Sutter to give up a couple homers to Ryno and then actually beat his team two out of three games. The series win was the Cubs’ first in approximately forever and ended their June Swoon which, as usual, had stretched into September. The club had lost 17 of its last 20 home games and were averaging one run a game less since Alfonso Soriano was dealt to the Yankees. Jim Deshaies was beginning to speak wistfully about his days last year calling games for the 100-loss Astros.

Anthony Rizzo drove in two runs over the course of the week but he still projects to lead the Cubs with the lowest RBI total since Willie “Old Hickory Teeth” McGovern led the 1905 Cubs with just 32 ribbies.

The Double A Tennessee Smokies promoted Jeff Samardzija, Wellington Castillo and Ryan Sweeney to their roster for the Southern League playoffs.

MVP: Starlin Castro – Went 8 for 24 and hit game-winning homer in Saturday’s 4-3 win over Philly (although he did manage to not run out an infield fly later in the game to draw the ire of Len & Jim. The on-air scolding drew a fine from the FCC).
LVP: Hmmmmm, I guess Edwin Jackson. E-Jack lost his 14th game to the Dodgers Wednesday but, in his defense, the Cubs scored nary a run for him yet again.

Ask the Magic 8-Ball: Will the Cubs one day replace the Ivy with Venus Flytraps?
Magic 8-Ball says: “Better not tell you now.”

Patrick O. Elia