Following a recent off-season workout where he questioned his body’s durability, Bulls guard Derrick Rose sent a letter petitioning the NBA to allow him to use a Segway on the basketball court. He cited shortness of breath, bouts of perspiration, and overall discomfort as reasons he feared his body wouldn’t be prepared for the grind of a full season and why he needed usage of the upright motorized vehicle.

“What’s best for the league and the Chicago Bulls is for me to be healthy and the best way for me to be healthy is to use a Segway,” Rose said.

Bulls officials declined to comment on the petition, but one teammate remarked, “I suppose with the Segway he’d be able to play all 48 minutes. I guess that’s good.”

League sources are predicting that Commissioner David Stern will deny the request because the Segway would provide Rose an unfair height advantage, but that Stern will likely allow Rose to use a Rascal scooter.

A. Waite