Following a sweep of the Giants in San Francisco, media and fans were stunned to hear Cubs President Theo Epstein say the team is set to become buyers, not sellers.

“Screw the plan. It was a dumb-ass idea anyway. We’re buying,” Epstein told reporters, many of them in disbelief. “The club is just 15 games out with almost 80 left to play. I told [Cubs owner Tom] Ricketts a week ago that we are still in this thing.”

Epstein said at the beginning of the season, he would never have believed the team “would be this close to contending for the division title.”

“With an adjustment here and there, we’ll be golden,” he added.

According to an MLB source, among the players the team is attempting to obtain are Matt Garza, Scott Feldman and Scott Hairston, with another report out of New York saying they’re in hot pursuit of Alfonso Soriano.