Cubs shortstop Starlin Castro has become a lightning rod over the past couple seasons, absorbing the frustration of everyone from fans, coaches, announcers and even reporters. Things kicked up a volt or two when Cubs beat writer Paul Sullivan lambasted Castro during a TV interview on Monday for failing to hustle during a slow-motion replay that was played in the fifth inning.

“Starlin should really be aware in that situation that every other player on the field has slowed down,” said Sullivan. “If he just manages to keep hustling, that’s easily an infield hit.”

Castro is having a rough year after tinkering with his batting stance, hitting .233. Sullivan has led the charge to criticize the Cubs’ plan for a rebuild in real time, but this marks the first he has commented on how it also fails in alternate realities.

“The more you slow the tape down, the slower Castro runs,” said Sullivan. “It’s like he’s falling asleep on his feet! ‘Building sustainable success by developing waves of prospects’ my Irish ass.”

Bandwagon Dan