Cubs owner Tom Ricketts went public Monday night with regrets that he bought the Cubs in 2009 instead of the Blackhawks, who’ve now won two titles since 2010, a year after Ricketts bought the Cubs who’ve yet to come close to a even a winning season during that time.

“I had nearly a billion dollars to spend,” said Ricketts, “and instead of buying the Blackhawks and perhaps three or four additional NHL teams I could have afforded with that type of cash, I decided to spend it all on a baseball team called the ‘Loveable Losers.’ Not one of my better moments.”

As Wrigleyville flooded with fans celebrating a championship won by yet another team that doesn’t play its home games at Wrigley Field, Ricketts said this wasn’t the first time he made a tough decision that came back to haunt him.

“In the early ’80s a friend bet me $5,000 that Madonna would eventually be much more popular than Cyndi Lauper and that Prince would outlive Michael Jackson,” said Ricketts. “I thought he was crazy and raised the bet to $100,000.”

“Just goes to show I really can’t pick them.”