The Cubs announced Friday morning that they would celebrate their 2013 Crosstown Cup win with a 6,000-sq. ft. banner in the left field bleachers. Cubs officials are extremely excited about the banner rasing ceremony, which will take place this September before the Pearl Jam concert at Wrigley Field.

Cubs management also announced that the banner will also include a picture on the reverse side of a smiling Tom Ricketts and a caption below that says “Welcome to Wrigley! Enjoy your view.” Team management feels this will please the rooftop owners because, it would still give their unattentive patrons something pleasant and serene to view in between Mai Tai’s.

In a related note. The Crosstown Cup runner-up banner will be removed from Wrigley’s right field restroom and presented to Ken Harrelson. Also, Dinoer Navarro will receive a special commemorative plaque for winning the batting practice pie-eating contest against the White Sox’s Adam Dunn on Wednesday.



Mike K