Just a week after calling Corey Crawford “the worst hockey player in the history of the world,” Blackhawks fan George Teal is now so in love with Chicago’s goalie that he’s toying with the idea of trying conceiving a child with him.

“Craw had such an awesome run this weekend,” said Teal, who only days ago was calling for Ray Emery to not only replace Crawford but to assassinate him. “Between Saturday at the United Center and Monday at the Joe, I’m now convinced he’s the best goalie on the planet!”

Teal said he was starting to have romantic feelings for Crawford to the point where he’d like to conceive a child with him.

“Even though a man has never conceived with another man, I need to be carrying Corey Crawford’s love child after the way he’s been playing,” said Teal. “To hell with what biology says! Go Blackhawks!”