The Chicago Crosstown Classic series opened Monday concurrent with a critical Blackhawks-Red Wings Game 6, and Chicago sports fans remained unaware of Jeff Samardzija’s accomplishment as they were glued to their televisions everywhere watching the showdown between the Blackhawks and the Red Wings.

Samardzija’s brilliant pitching performance also included a 7-0 route by the Chicago Cubs who played dominant baseball from the onset of the game, as Alfonso Soriano knocked in Starlin Castro in the first inning for the first run of the game. But nobody cared. Julio Borbon’s two-run homer in the fifth continued the Cubs dominance in the Crosstown Classic, but fans cared about that even less.

When asked about the Cubs excellent performance in this first game of the series, one Cubs fan replied “SSSH! The Blackhawks are on!”

A Sox fan asked to comment replied “What? CUBS SUCK! WHO CARES! The Blackhawks game is on!”  Ironically, this marks the first time in the history of MLB Interleague play, that both White Sox and Cubs fans rooted for the same team during the Crosstown Classic. Coincidentally, that team just happens to be the Blackhawks.