Mired in controversy for making questionable calls throughout the 2013 season, umpire Angel Hernandez purposely blew a call during a recent game between the White Sox and Marlins.

“The runner was safe by two feet,” admitted Hernandez after calling the Sox’ Alex Rios out on an inning-ending double-play in the 10th inning. “I figured it would be a good time to really piss off Hawk Harrelson.”

Harrelson, the Chicago play-by-play man, often criticizes umpires.

“Let me tell you something,” Harrelson told broadcast partner Steve Stone after the incident. “Back in my day, if Shag Crawford or Jocko Conlon would have made a call like that, me and Yaz would have kicked their asses up and down 35th street twice, and then a third time just for the fun of it.”