After years of posing on NHL broadcasts as a Canadian National, NBC hockey analyst Pierre McGuire has finally fessed up to being a native of New Jersey.

Born in the town of Englewood, McGuire told entertainment television show TMZ. “I just can’t hide it anymore. I’m a true Jersey boy. Even worse, I now live in Connecticut.”

Saying the ruse began “after taking a Rosetta Stone course on how to speak Canadian,” McGuire parlayed his knowledge of hockey with a bevy of phrases ending with “ay,” “back-bacon,” and “loonie.”

McGuire was once an analyst on the English language broadcast for the Montreal Canadians. Asked if he is proficient in speaking French, McGuire told TMZ’s Harvey Levin, “Un poco, amigo.”

“I was able to pass for all these years,” said the former two-time Stanley Cup champ when an assistant coach and scout with the Pittsburgh Penguins. “Now, it’s time to bond with my Jersey brothers, Bon Jovi and Chris Christie.”

What will he do once his duties with NBC Sports conclude? McGuire told TMZ. “I’ve got a job lined up with the Christmas in New Jersey store at the Paramus mall.”