Less than a week after the public firing of Susannah Collins, the Blackhawks have tried to fix the PR mess they’ve created by inviting the former CSN host back for the “Shoot the Puck” contest during Thursday’s playoff game against the Wild. There’s just one caveat.

“We’d love to have Susannah back for the night,” said owner Rocky Wirtz, who spearheaded Collins’ firing by writing a letter to Comcast expressing concern over lighthearted and possibly offensive fake news videos Collins did prior to working for the network. “Accordingly, we’ve invited Susannah to participate in Thursday’s ‘Shoot the Puck’ contest, but only if she wears something skimpy. Stiletto heels too.”

Wirtz added that the Blackhawks would actually consider hiring Collins for a job wit the team, “just as soon as they have an opening on the Ice Crew.”