Cubs skipper Dale Sveum admitted after Saturday’s epic 9th inning meltdown that Carlos Marmol might not be the best option as the team’s closer.

“I know you’ve been saying this for years,” said Sveum, referring to you as you sat on your couch cursing the TV. “But maybe it’s time we consider someone else in the ninth.”

While you were relieved to learn the team might actually be mulling a change, you also professed a lack of faith in the organization’s ability to use their eyeballs.

“Anyone who’s watched a game since like 2011 knows this guy is a meltdown waiting to happen,” you said. “The fact it took the Cubs so long to realize it makes me question if they know what they’re doing at all.”

Cubs GM Jed Hoyer sheepishly agreed with your assessment.

“I guess it turns out 99% of Americans were right and we were wrong,” said Hoyer. “We should’ve noticed it sooner.”