Record: 2-4 (2-1 vs. Pittsburgh, 0-3 vs. Atlanta)
The week kind of disintegrated after Jeff Samardzija’s opening day win vs. the Pirates. Carlos Marmol proved to be as combustible as the wildfire Lord Tyrion dumped on Stannis last season in “Game of Thrones” (and we shall now refer to Marmol as &%#!@# for the remainder of the season).

New TV color man Jim Deshaies performed pretty much like he did for the Astros back in the day, solid for 6 innings then seemed to tire. Let’s hope he improves his stamina as the season progresses.

Neither catcher really distinguished himself, but it did appear Welington Castillo made better throws back to the pitcher than Dioner Navarro. Each hit like the bat was a piece of equipment they’d never touched before.

MVP: Anthony Rizzo – Two homers and a .190 average, looking like the next coming of Dave Kingman.

LVP: &%#!@# – Nearly blew Samardzija’s opening day win and then gave up homers to every Upton except Kate while surrendering lead to Braves Saturday night.

Ask the Magic 8-Ball:
Will Matt Garza return and win 13-16 games in 2013?
Magic 8-Ball says – Ask again later

Patrick O. Elia