Spinning around, slowing down, juking entire sets of padding off goalies – for the past year, Patrick Kane has become known for trying out just about anything while heading towards the goal. Especially in a shootout.

But when a truck backed into a United Center loading dock late one night this week and began unloading bucket after bucket of glitter and confetti, the one they call Kaner swore it wasn’t the next trick up his sleeve.

“Oh, that?” Kane responded. “Must be Bickell’s. He likes throwing, um, Earth Day parties.”

While the bulk of the shipment was sparkly decorations, also observed were several odd boxes of noisemakers, kazoos, bottle rockets, a cage of live doves and one giant Chinese dragon costume.

When asked what he was doing hanging around outside the UC late at night if the shipment wasn’t his, Kane responded: “I already cut back on partying. Don’t judge me, bro.”

Bandwagon Dan