For the upcoming April 22 home game, the Canucks have announced the first 10,000 fans will receive a bench-sitting Roberto Luongo bobblehead. It’s a rare move as typically teams create action bobbleheads touting player experience and skill. However, the Canucks found that fans would relate more to a Luongo bobblehead that represents where he spends much of his time with the team, sitting on the bench, watching the game.

“Even if Luongo starts a game, he usually gives up a flurry of goals and gets pulled anyway so we felt the fans deserved an accurate portrayal of our inconsistent goalie,” said Trent Carroll, EVP of Sales & Marketing for the Canucks. And fans are loving the idea. Talks of waiting in line hours early to ensure a bobblehead in hand are trending on Twitter with hashtag #LuongoBenched.

“Seeing Luongo with his mask on in a goalie stance just doesn’t feel right,” said one Canucks fan. “People wouldn’t recognize which bobble it is. I’m looking forward to waiting in line at the game for a bobblehead showing off what Luongo does best. And a benched Luongo is how he can best contribute to our team.”

Vancouver fans are hoping this is the start of many new realistic bobblehead giveaways such as a double-bobble of the Sedin twins flopping, or a Ryan Kesler bobblehead on his butt after an opponent jukes right past him.