Cubs’ first baseman Anthony Rizzo told reporters in Miami after Italy was eliminated from the World Baseball Classic that he will use an Italian interpreter during the 2013 season.

Although his knowledge of the Italian language is limited to few words, such as linguine, pizza and venti caffe’ frappuccino, a proud Rizzo pronounced, with his newly acquired Italian accent, the experience of playing with Team Italy left him with “an incredible sense of pride in my heritage.”

The interpreter translated Rizzo’s sentiment by saying that the the experience of playing with the Italian team left Rizzo with “an incredible sense of pride in my heritage.”

“Say what?” asked puzzled Cubs teammate Edwin Jackson. “Both of the dudes are double-talking. I mean, like, Anthony’s speaking English worse than the dude interpreting the English.”

Rizzo explained that he found great solace and camaraderie among Italians who played with Team Italy.

“We got real close. Like true Roman brothers,” said Rizzo, through the interpreter, said of the second-year Cubs player’s feelings about his teammates, which included fellow Italians Chris Cooper, Juan Infante, Tim Crabbe, Brian Sweeney and coach Tom Trebelhorn.