During Sunday’s game against the Vikings, FOX cameras showed Jay Cutler tying J’Marcus Webb’s shoe. Sources inside the Bears locker room revealed today that Cutler is now looking into adopting J’Marcus Webb.

“I felt my fatherly instincts kick in and I figured being a dad to him would take our relationship to the next level,” said Cutler. “Our relationship has been rocky, but like any father and son I think we can fix that. Adoption is really the best thing for him right now, plus my newborn son will benefit from having a big brother like J’Marcus.”

When Webb was informed of the news he became very excited. “I always knew Jay was a nice guy, but this is awesome. I’ve always wanted a little brother!”

Lovie Smith was happy about the adoption. “I think it really just says how much their relationship has changed in the past few weeks.”

The same sources indicated that Webb would be joining the Cutler family for Christmas, and New Year’s, and that he has already changed his name to J’Marcus Cutler on his drivers license.