ESPN announced today that the BCS computers have spit out an odd decision for what the National Championship game would be if the season ended today.

“This makes absolutely no sense,” said Lou Holtz, something that he’s used to hearing from others instead of saying himself.

With the SEC comprising half of the top ten, the computers have come up with the solution of just having Notre Dame play against all five teams. Top senators are taking a break from their vacations to go back to Washington to deliberate on the possibility of having a committee decide what this means for the state of college football.

Kirk Herbstreet is all for the idea.

“Getting six, or more, quarterbacks on the field would be wonderful,” he said. He then quickly left the room with his back turned, knocking over everything at waist height. Another fan of the idea was Lee Corso, who, in a written statement said, “I can’t wait to combine all of that headgear.”

The logistics of a game of this scale are mind-blowing. Multiple Goodyear blimps are on call for this monstrosity, which would be held in Central Park of New York, instead of one of the BCS bowl locations.