Mets fans have grown accustom to having their legs pulled, but even they could never have expected their own team to send out spam emails. That’s what happened early Thursday morning, when a bulk email went out claiming the Mets had signed pitcher R.A. Dickey to a contract extension.

“We were had,” stated Ted Bender, a higher up in the Mets’ PR department. “I told them not to use this two-bit company, but they insisted. You’d be shocked what the bosses would do to save a few bucks.”

Citing the fact that most fans delete emails from the team anyway, the Mets decided to cut ties with their emailing department and outsource to a small, poorly rated company in Nicaragua. When the first “blast” of season ticket emails went out to fans, a spam bug infected the delivery and instead swapped it out for an ad hawking Cialis erectile dysfunction pills.

“So I get this email from the Mets titled ‘Dickey Extension’ and I’m all excited,” said Mets faithful, Backhair Charlie. “Then I open it and realize what it really is… and I tell ya, I wasn’t that excited.”

The Mets bit the bullet and returned to their prior service the next day sending out an apology email, signed by Fred Wilpon himself. The Owner reported the front office is currently working their “butts” off trying to make the Dickey Extension a reality. He also said that the e-mail’s cost will more than likely prevent them from making any moves beyond that.

Mets’ fans however remain skeptical the Mets front office is committed to putting a winning team on the field in 2013, some even saying they’d rather see Dickey, and David Wright traded if it means they can go win somewhere else.

“I’ve heard this crap millions of times before. We saw their true colors when that cheapo email went out,” said original Mets fan, Larry Arnold of Manhattan. “I ended up buying the pills. Hell, it was a better deal than Mets tickets, and truth be told, I need em.”