Derrick Rose is one of the most popular players in Chicago today, with a win-at-all-costs attitude that makes him a valuable addition to any team. Last night, Rose took leadership to a new level, by physically making Carlos Boozer unable to enter a game. This stunt naturally won over Bulls fans and improved play enough for a Bulls victory.

Late in the 3rd, a gimpy Rose was seen talking to Boozer before slugging him in the tunnel and dragging him into the locker room. Bulls Coach Tom Thibodeau searched for Boozer late in the 4th to make an impact by yelling loudly and complaining, but was unable to find the big man, eventually settling for Taj Gibson. The Bulls went on to win.

Boozer is listed as questionable for the next game with a wrist/eye injury after “tripping on a gym bag.”

“Uh, I was running to the locker room for a quick, uh … drink,” said a shifty-eyed Boozer. “That gym bag trips harder than I thought he, I mean, it could.”

Brew Dreesus