With Tim Tebow riding the pine for the Jets, God has turned His attention back to His favorite college team, Notre Dame.

“I can’t get off the bench,” said Tebow. “So I told the big guy that it’s okay to pay more attention to college football again.”

This has led to an abrupt change in the NCAA landscape, with Notre Dame going from a complete joke of a program to a team that can actually be competitive with the likes of Navy.

“I just can’t think of any other explanation,” said coach Brian Kelly. “I mean I’ve been shouting the whole time, and suddenly now we get results.”

“The difference has to be Tebow sitting on the bench, not using up all of the miracles,”  said Cardinal Mallory of Chicago.

The national title hopes for Alabama ride on the decision of whether Rex Ryan starts Tebow for the rest of the season.  While His favorite QB rides the pine, Notre Dame will keep its independent foot in the door of the BCS dance.