Mets fans were beyond jubilant when the team essentially released terrible outfielder Jason Bay yesterday. Some on Long Island were so overjoyed by the news they organized a parade to revere the day that marked the departure from the Mets of one of the most underachieving free agent signings in the team’s history.

The parade’s organizer, Long Island resident and lifelong Met fan Jay Gulf, knew he had to memorialize the momentous milestone in team history, but wasn’t sure how. Then, his friend and fellow Met fan John Lake gave Mr. Gulf a call suggesting a parade through the streets of their town.

“You know, John and I are always complaining to each other about the Mets,” said Mr. Gulf in a conference call to media Thursday morning. “Then they get rid of Bay, possibly the worst player in team history, and we realize that we have to celebrate in a big way. John suggests a parade, I love the idea, and we spread the word. In a span of about two hours, we have a crowd in the millions, and everyone is ecstatic about Bay leaving New York. Pretty successful parade in my opinion.”

Detailed crowd analysis revealed that the parade, called the Bay Day March on Fiscal Freedom, got a better turnout than the San Francisco Giants did for their recent World Series rally.