While New York Yankee third baseman Alex Rodriguez has made headlines for his aggressive overtures to the women of New York, including sending up a baseball to a fan in the stands to ask for her number, the 14-time All-Star has decided that it’d just be easier to have a plane write out his number in the afternoon sky to give all available or willing New Yorkers a chance to spend time with the notorious ladies man.

A-Rod paid an undisclosed sum to “Ralph Salvatore’s Skywriters” for them to spell out, through the exhaust of their planes, his phone number along with the message, “A-Rods Digits, 4 Real, Hit Me Up Ladys!” every clear, sunny day at 5PM, which, as Rodriguez explained to reporters, was “right when the hot business-like chicks are getting out of work.”

When reporters asked him what his girlfriend, playboy model and former WWE wrestler Torrie Wilson, thought about him skywriting his phone number for all the women of New York, Rodriguez replied, “Who?”

By Jeff GoodSmith

Jeff GoodSmith