Charles Tillman has been extremely effective with the forced fumble and now he looks to gain from similar turnovers around the league. After Sunday’s game against the Titans, in which Tillman forced four fumbles, he immediately filed a trademark on the football play. Any defensive player now has to pay Tillman for the right to knock a ball out.

“I think I have pretty much mastered the art of the forced fumble so I think I should benefit from it,” Tillman said. “I mean the guys on this team already pay me whenever they do it, so why shouldn’t other guys from around the league?”

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has even expressed some  enthusiasm for the idea.

“Well, we are trying to have more offense so maybe this will keep guys from playing hard defense and we could finally have some high scoring games, consistently.”

Tillman emphasized the importance of this legal protection. “I know I can’t play forever, so hopefully this will help support my family for years to come. Plus, I think it might help our offense catch up with us.”