In a surprise admission during Thursday’s Halas Hall press conference, Bears left tackle J’Marcus Webb revealed he’d been distracted during practice by the prospect of trick or treating.

“Hey, you know, I like football, but we have games almost every Sunday. Halloween only comes a couple times a year,” said Webb. “And I need to make sure I score all the candy I can get.”

Reporters attempted to ask what work the Bears offensive line had done to prepare for the aggressive blitz schemes of Carolina Panther head coach (and ex-Bear defensive coordinator) Ron Rivera.

“We had some meetings I guess, but I don’t remember much. I was trying to decide what my costume should be. I asked J’Webb Nation on Twitter, but the only idea I liked was that I should go as a Pro Bowl left tackle,” Webb said. “That’d be really cool, I just don’t know if I could get a Jake Long jersey in time for Halloween.”

Webb was pressed further on what his teammates thought of his game preparation.

“Well, Jay’s really been on me, but I’m sort of used to tuning him out by now. Plus I’d be in a bad mood, too, if I were him.” When asked if Cutler’s mood might be related to the series of hits the QB has been subjected to, Webb disagreed: “Oh, no, not at all, I meant because he has diabetes, so he can’t have any candy for Halloween.”

When Bears offensive coordinator Mike Tice had an opportunity to both respond to Webb’s comments and talk about the Bears game plan, he instead spent his press conference silently eating an entire bag of Reese’s Miniatures.

Jay R.