Succumbing to a long standing tradition in the Cubs organization, team president Theo Epstein today said the team lacks a short in stature, marginally-talented player fans will insist can do a better job than the player starting at that position. Recalling such names as Augie Ojeda, Bobby Hill and Steve Dillard, Epstein said he hoped to fill a position before the start of spring training.

“I know our fans are clambering for this type of player,” Epstein said. “If only to give them something to complain about on talk radio during a 90- or 100-loss season.”

When asked how a player who, if he were to play every day, would hit in the low .200’s, would help the team, Epstein said, “Well we can’t expect to land a Larry Bittner every year, but for fan interest, I think it’s the right thing to do.”

John F