After an inexplicably lackluster beginning to the 2012 NFL season, Detroit Lion wide receiver Calvin “Megatron” Johnson has decided to go to extremes in order to absolve him of the receiving woes he attributes to solely one thing: being on the cover of popular video game, EA Sports’ Madden 13.

Call it folk lore. Call it the legitimate truth. Whatever you call it, there is a long history of Madden cover boys who have either had horribleĀ  seasons or have been downright put out of commission for the season in which they were given the honor.

From Michael Vick to Peyton Hillis and now Calvin Johnson, the curse seems to follow the “honor” to each player. But Johnson will not be defeated this time.

“I’m seeing a witch doctor,” Johnson reported to the Detroit Free Press on Wednesday. “I’ve had enough of this. I’m Megatron for God’s sake. I’m like the tallest, biggest, fastest freak of nature on the planet, and I’m not catching footballs?! This has to be voodoo.”

Recent reports indicate that Johnson will travel to Haiti on Friday in order to consult with local medicine men on the island.

Johnson attempted to relinquish his title during the middle of the Lions’ last game vs. the Chicago Bears. Apparently, in mid-huddle, Johnson exclaimed, “I’m sick of this!” and proceeded to yield the cover title to fellow wide receiver, Nate Burleson. Burleson promptly broke his leg.

Rumors have not been substantiated that Jay Cutler was talking to Johnson about the Madden cover immediately prior to almost being killed by defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh. “Nah,” said Johnson. “That was just Suh attempting homicide, as usual.”

Manny L. Scoreboard