“The game film speaks for itself. I’ve never seen such quick instinct.”

Coach Mike Tice certainly wasn’t referring to the less than stellar play of his offensive line during Monday night’s 13-7 victory over the Lions. In a game characterized by inexcusable false start penalties and the near-death experience of Jay Cutler, Tice noticed a bright spot.

“Did you see Nubie out there after Jay got flattened by Suh?” Tice said, referring to the quick actions of team physician Dr. Gordon Nuber. “While Jay was coughing up a rib and repositioning his spleen, Suh walked over to I presume stomp on Jay’s throwing hand or something. But Nubie moved in between and blocked him off. It was beautiful.”

Cutler was quick to agree. “The whole concept of line blocking is to put your body in front of the other guy and keep him away from me. Our guys don’t quite get that yet, but they’re working on it. Gordon showed some real natural ability out there. Plus, he’s got some nasty in him. When Suh walked up I remember hearing Gordon say ‘Excuse me sir, you’ve done quite enough harm, thank you very much’ before nudging him out of the way. Like I said—nasty.”

Dr. Nuber has never played professional sports, but even so he appears to be light years ahead of the current Bears offensive linemen.

“He’s a big guy and he was dominant wearing a $3,000 suit and tie. Let’s see what he can do in some pads,” Tice said. “Worst case, he’ll already be out there the next time Jay gets crushed.”